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The inside voices of Konstance Patton.


Photo by: Barron Claiborne 

Photo by: Barron Claiborne 


Konstance Patton

Konstance is an artist who creates imagery of human beauty based on her own Native American ancestry and she explores how Indigenous culture including art, adornment, religion relates in modern times.  Konstance uses illustration, sculpture, animation and sound to explore these ideas. Her images celebrate culture by reimagining ideals of the Goddess, the Majestic and Etherial Beings.

A Detroit native raised by her Chippewa grandmother, also an artist, she was bred in the duality of growing up attending Pow-Wows with family on Tribal Land and the fast moving urban Detroit city life.  Surrounded by storytellers and artists, she gained an understanding of written and oral traditions, along with understanding how to use organic materials to create a story.  Her body of work employs classical and modern techniques including casting, welding, sewing, painting, sculpture, illustration, animating and technology.   

Konstance has facilitated public art projects in the US and abroad.  She facilitated a community mural workshop in Detroit in October 2016 in honor of Sheddy Rollins, over 50 people participated.  Some of the public works completed include mural workshops for Central Park Conservancy, Parks and People in Baltimore, The AZ in Koln, Germany, The New School, Boys and Girls Club in Atlanta, and an Oral History based mural project for Museum at Eldridge Street.  Konstance's work is also influenced by humans of the world, her passion for traveling has led to projects based in Mexico, India, Vietnam, Panama, Germany, Italy, Amsterdam, France, and Jamaica to name a few. 

Konstance studied welding and casting graduated from The New School in New York City after studying at The Arts Students League of New York After moving to Italy at the age of 19, her art studies began.and since returning I have studied art extensively.  I have used my travels to learn about diverse cultures and I exercise what I have learned into my practice.  After my first trip abroad, my mentor told me “a line a day, no matter what.” Since hearing those words I have dedicated my life to the arts.








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